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Experience the African continent with a luxurious journey.
We offer tailor-made African journeys to customers with high standards.
We consult you in person and with all our attention to your desired travel arrangement in Africa.
We organize travel arrangements to the African continent for customers with sophisticated standards.

Your specialised tour operator for luxurious travel to Eastern and Southern Africa

Exceptional and tailored travel arrangements to Africa

We organise your special travel moments in Eastern and Southern Africa

Are you fascinated by the wide open plains of Africa? Are you longing for a unique and extraordinary journey to Africa which suits and fulfils your high expectations?      
We are a team of qualified and experienced travel designers, who create tailor-made travel arrangements that are exclusively and individually attuned to our clients’ wishes and expectations. Through our intensive and long-standing partnerships with high-class and sophisticated local service providers in Eastern and Southern Africa, we are able to provide you with highly exclusive and luxurious comforts. As experienced travel specialists, we further offer renowned additional services in order to transform your vacation into an unforgettable experience. We organise your complete travel arrangements and make sure, you can discover the wonderful African continent the way you imagined it in your dreams and even better.

Be inspired by our unique destinations and offerings. Just call on us – we are more than happy to assist and be your professional partner to organise your travels. 

Our services for the true experience of first-class journeys to Africa

Tailored journeys according to your preferences

For Bush Legends, you as our client with your requirements are the key focus of your tailored, luxurious African journeys. We strive to fulfil the most challenging travel dreams and organise unique travel arrangements with dedicated consultation, professionalism, and attention to detail. You specify your desired focus and destinations, and we create an innovative and competent travel proposal for your journey to Africa. Every journey that Bush Legends plans is exclusively and individually tailored according to our clients’ wishes. As a professional tour operator, we see it as our challenge to transform every journey to Africa into an unforgettable experience, that our valued customers keep in happy memories.

Journey Types

  • Safari trips and fly-in Safaris
  • Beach vacations
  • Family and multi-generation journeys
  • Honeymoons
  • High-class self-drive itineraries
  • Tailor-made combinations
  • Glamping (Glamorous Camping)

Our Concierge Services for exclusive additional benefits

It is our philosophy to also provide you with greatest attention to the small details in order to create an exclusive travel project with exclusive features. As experienced travel experts based in Germany, we assist you with fascinating services for extraordinary experience. Possible highlights of your programme could be excursions with helicopters, chauffeur-driven Oldtimer excursions, private sunset cruises, exceptional surprise breakfasts in the wilderness, hot air balloons safaris as well as reservations in selected restaurants, tee times on golf courses or tickets to local cultural events. We also help you with arranging and operating different safari types such as Slow Safaris, Jeep Safaris, Fly-in Safaris or Lodge Safaris. Naturally, we also support you with the planning of special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or honeymoons. You would only need to tell us your desires and we make sure to transform those into reality.

Additional Services

  • Privately guided tours
  • Game viewing
  • Boat trips
  • Fly-in Safaris
  • Wine Tastings

Bush Legends provides you with quality consultation

 Since the foundation of our company in 2001, we have developed extensive knowledge on the African continent through the many personal product journeys to the countries in Eastern and Southern Africa. Therefore, we assist you with expertise as well as a personal passion for the organisation of your travel arrangements. Hence, you benefit from our valuable knowledge on products, our closeness with our local service providers and partners as well as our knowledge on latest developments in the destinations. We are happy to organise your perfect and unforgettable vacation based on your desires for you and your beloved ones.

Einzigartige Reisearrangements von professionellen Reiseberaterinnen.

"My principle is to provide our clients with highest quality levels in consulting them to create their personalised, perfect and tailored journey, which is my pleasure every day anew. Likewise, I would be delighted to assist you in finding your perfect travel arrangement by organising your journey to not only fulfill but exceed your expectations.“

Ellen Spielberger

Reisedesign mit Liebe zu Afrika von unseren kompetenten Reiseberaterinnen.

"During the planning process of your journey, I am gladly at your disposal with my expertise and above all, my focus for the little details. I believe, that these little details make the big difference and transform your journey into the experience of your lifetime!“

Marion Winter

Engagement, Kompetenz und Qualität erhalten Sie gebündelt in unseren Reiseberatungen.

"Africa is my passion! I am eager to assist you to conduct your perfect African travel arrangement and hope to be able to ignite a little spark for Africa in your hearts!“

Andrea Reichert

Unique Places in Southern and Eastern Africa

We offer unique and elegant journeys to multiple countries in Southern and Eastern Africa and we strive to offer you the opportunity to discover the enormous diversity of Africa.

Immerse yourself in the African continent. A continent full of exotic and contrast, full of fascination and inviolacy, full of wide open spaces and beauty – be captured by its spell. They do not unavailingly say that once you have taken in African air you feel the urge to return to feed your soul.

With our unique journeys, we strive to give you an impression of the most amazing destinations for an unforgettable journey filled with luxury, glamour and relaxation as well as adventure, curiosity and natural beauty. We offer elegant and sophisticated travel arrangements to these chosen countries of Southern and Eastern Africa. As we are experienced travel experts who create tailor-made journeys according to our clients’ wishes, we made it our mission to value individuality and charm of hotels, camps and lodges over prominence. That is why all our accommodation are exclusively hand-picked and offer the maximum of luxurious comfort while being situated at unparalleled locations throughout our unique destinations. Besides exclusive and glamorous accommodation, we also value dedicated services, excellent cuisine and sustainable operations for our sophisticated clients. We are happy to assist in order to creating unique travel arrangements based on your desires.

Our Client Voices

You find more client feedback on past journeys as well as impressions of the African continent on our Client Voices site, which may inspire you for your amazing journeys.


"We had the time of our lifes and loved every minute of it. We wanted to thank you for the amazing trip you organised for us. We were treated like kings – wherever we went to.“

Carl Ankarcrona and Aimée Hoving, Geneva, Journey to Kenya & Tanzania

"We have worked closely together with Bush Legends for almost 14 years. Our Africa customers, who are eager to have an exceptional voyage to Africa were gradually entrusted to the good care of Ellen Spielberger and her team. The particular attention to every moment as well as the ever present concern of detail in combination with the selection of the hotels and recommendation of routings have always been the demonstration of perfect knowledge of products and a superb professionalism. Bravo à toute l'équipe!"

Claude Luterbacher, Managing Director TransContinental S.A. Travel Agency, Genf


From German Translation: "Stunningly moving and lovingly organized down to the smallest details. We have never experiences such beautiful things and met such wonderful people. We felt absolutely safe and sound during the entire journey. We saw Gorillas!"

Dr. Gwendolyn Krauss und Dr. Christian Veith, Wien, Reise nach Uganda & Tanzania

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