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The Seychelles are a tropical Island Archipelago off the east coast of the continent Africa. This Island Archipelago is awaiting guests with unique, lush vegetation, white sandy beaches as well as an enchanting underwater world. Numerous beaches with the characteristic granite boulders, beautiful coral reefs, marine and nature reserves as well as rain forests with rare species of flora and fauna are to be explored. Starting point for stays on the Seychelles is Mahé, being the main island, from which all other islands can be reached. Seychelles serves perfect as a stand-alone destination as well as a beach extension after a safari in Kenya for example with the given flight connections.

Why Seychelles

What to expect


Mahé with about 154 km² in size is the largest island of the Seychelles Island Archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is home to the capital Victoria, the large port and the International Airport. At the same time, it is also the most developed tourist destination. Mahé is quite mountainous and offers a fascinating picture, both with the tropical green of the rainforests and the numerous white sandy beaches.


The small and idyllic island of Praslin is the second largest island of the Seychelles with about 38 km². It is less mountainous than Mahé and is home to the famous National Park ‘Vallée du Mai’. At Vallée du Mai you see the impressive large and very old palm trees Coco de Mer with its picturesque fruits, a botanic highlight, which is unique to the Seychelles. Directly in front of Praslin there are some small islands surrounded by crystal clear sea, which are an El Dorado especially for diving and snorkelling. Praslin is also home to the Constance Lemuria Resort Golf Course.

La Digue

La Digue is only 10 km² small and has very scenic beaches. On La Digue Island, there are rather more basic accommodation. The means of transport here are bicycle or the traditional ox cart. The island is therefore often visited by day visitors by boat from Praslin.

Fregate Island Private
Fregate Island Private
Fregate Island Private
Fregate Island Private

Special Information

The small Archipelago of the Seychelles in the middle of the Indian Ocean can surely be called one of the last real paradises. Granite cliffs rising from the sea, magnificent palm tree beaches, fine white sand, lush vegetation and green rainforests offer a wonderful contrast and the picture-perfect image of tropical islands.

Can you imagine a visit to a private island without any tourists, with privacy, wonderful villas, the most beautiful beaches, best services, excellent cuisine and a very unique nature? Then Fregate Private Island is the perfect place for you. Once you arrive on Mahé, you can directly board your helicopter to fly out to Fregate Private Island in just about 15 minutes. If you are lucky enough to land at the ‘right’ time of the day, you would even have a whole welcome committee of giant turtles at the former landing strip. And for sure a unique stay that leaves nothing to be desired. We look forward to organise your travel arrangements.

Did you know…

The Aldabra Giant Turtles are threatened with extinction and are therefore protected in various nature conservation projects. On Fregate Private Island, the population has grown from 150 turtles about 25 years ago to more than 3.000 turtles today. These ancient creatures are both symbols and witnesses of unprecedented conservation efforts. The turtles on Fregate Private Island have witnessed their island home being gradually restored to its natural state, allowing them to thrive and grow to their current numbers.

Insider’s Tip

During the nesting season of the Green Sea and Hawksbill Turtle from around October to January, it is the responsibility of the conservationists to protect and monitor several hundred nests. They ensure that the young turtles hatch successfully and safely. As a guest on site, and a bit of luck you may have the opportunity to experience one of the true wonders of nature up close, the sight of a female turtle laying her eggs on the shore or small turtles running to the sea after hatching in the moonlight. An experience that makes a lasting impression on both children and adults.


You would like to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful ambience of the Indian Ocean? You are looking for a discovery tour, during which you could explore several islands at once and get different impressions? Please enquire about our recommendations for combined island travel. You might like to combine a few days of a romantic island retreat with a stay in a wonderful beach resort? You feel like playing a few rounds of golf during a beach holiday or after a safari? No matter which of these questions you may have, the Seychelles offer a variety of beautiful options.

We gladly send you our latest beach hotel recommendations for inspiration to discuss your individual expectations and are looking forward to being your professional partner for the organisation of your travel arrangement to Africa.


Official Name:

Republic of Seychelles


1 Seychellen Rupie (SCR)



Total land surface:

455 km²


115 Islands (from that 42 granite- and 73 coral islands)



Official Language:


Largest Cities:



The climate of the Seychelles is determined by the monsoon. Northwest monsoon is from December to March with a regular windless transition phase in April. Southeast monsoon is from May to September as the low rainfall and stormy period. In October and November another windless transitional phase follows. Heavy storms are rare. Temperatures are between 24 C – 30 C all year round. The seawater temperature is about 26 C throughout the whole year. The humidity is always more than 80%.

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