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Tanzania is known for the spectacular annual ‘Great Migration’ of thousands of zebras and wildebeests, which can be observed in the Serengeti National Park. Other parts of this country also offer unforgettable experiences, for example the Mahale Mountains with its chimpanzees or Ruaha National Park with its picturesque baobab trees and great game viewing. The dreamlike island paradise of Zanzibar, with its charm of ‘1001 night’ offers perfect serenity to relax after your safari.

Why Tanzania

What to expect

Serengeti National Park

Between Lake Victoria and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area lies one of Africa’s most famous National Park, the Serengeti. It is particularly well-known for the annual migration of over 3 million wildebeest and zebras. This ‘great migration’ moves through the plains of the Serengeti and the Masai Mara, where the animals are constantly searching for water and green grass – an impressive spectacle!

Mahale Mountains

The Mahale Mountains National Park is home to the world’s largest chimpanzee population. Because of the non-existing infrastructure, the National Park is reached by small plane which touches down directly at Lake Tanganyika. The Mahale Mountains with its huge rainforest rises more than 2.500 meter above the eastern side of the lake. Whilst sitting in a dhow in this magical spot, you certainly realize how fortunate you are, to be one of the few travellers to witness the uniqueness of this area with your own eyes. Apart from the chimpanzees, Mahale is also home to different species of monkeys and several rare birds.

Selous Game Reserve

The enormous Selous Game Reserve in the southern part of the country covers about 5% of Tanzania with an area of over 50.000 km². As part of the UNESCO world heritage sites it is Africa’s biggest controlled wildlife preservation area. Here you have the opportunity to experience safaris off the beaten track. Perhaps you are lucky enough to spot one of the rare and endangered African wild dogs, which can be found around Lake Tagalala.


The Zanzibar Archipelago comprises several small islands off the coast of Tanzania, not far from the city of Dar es Salaam. Discover this beautiful island paradise with white beaches and palm trees as far as the eye can see. You could gain a lot of new impressions during a tour to the spice plantations or through a visit of the historic harbour city Stonetown.

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Special Information

At Chem Chem, you have the opportunity of participating in a great ‘slow safari’ concept. The aim is to experience the original meaning of safari instead of trying to see as many animals as possible in the shortest period of time. Instead, you go on walking safaris with professional guides and learn to read wildlife tracks. Perhaps you have the chance of observing giraffes up close or you could see the flamingos in unique scenery.

Near the border to Kenya rises the highest mountain of Africa, the Kilimanjaro. At 5.895 m above sea level, Kilimanjaro is also called the ‘Roof of Africa’ and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1987.

Did you know…

Lake Tanganyika in Mahale Mountains National Park is the sixth largest and second deepest lake of the world? With about 18.880 km³ of water, it has the highest fresh water volume in Africa. Worldwide, only Lake Baikal in Russia is bigger. After the hike to the chimpanzees, take delight in a romantic boat trip with a refreshing glass of wine on a historic dhow.

Insider’s Tip

I would highly recommend the Selous Private Game Reserve, which is really impressing. It offers a unique river and lake landscape as well as wonderful and pristine wilderness filled with acacia trees and palm groves. I still have a vivid memory of a boat trip on the Rufiji River with its nearby lakes during sunset, as well as my first sighting of wild dogs in the Selous Reserve.


Would you like to add a beach stay to your journey after an exciting safari? Then we recommend Zanzibar or one of the smaller islands for relaxation. Or on the other hand, would you rather prefer to play golf instead? In that case, it should be interesting for you to know that a wonderful 18-hole golf course opened up at the foot of Kilimanjaro. You could also stay right there in a luxurious villa which is spacious enough for a private group or large family.

We gladly send you our latest tour samples for inspiration to discuss your individual expectations and are looking forward to being your professional partner for the organisation of your travel arrangement to Africa.


Official Name:

Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania (Swahili); Republic of Tanzania


1 Shilling (TZS) = 100 Cents



Total land surface:

883.749 km2 (Worls rank 32), thereof 35% forest, 5% farmland, 38% pasture land


West-East: 1.100 km, North-South.: 1.200 km


32,79 Million

Official Language:

Swahili; English

Largest Cities:

Dar es Salaam (1.360.850), Mwanza (223.013), Dodoma (203.833), Tanga (187.155), Zanzibar (157.634)


Generally you can travel to Tanzania the whole year round. However, you need to take the long rainy season into account, which usually takes place in April and May as well as the shorter rainy season in November. The dry months June to October are the best months to travel, but between January and March it is also a very good time to travel to Tanzania. During the rainy season the vegetation is very green and lush. The animals can usually not be spotted as easily since there are enough water resources. Driving on un-surfaced roads after the rain can be very adventurous. The average temperature between June and October is 22°C and between January and March it reaches 26°C. In the remaining months the average lies at about 23°C. The country has a tropical climate in the coastal areas. During the local winter months the temperatures can drop quite significantly at night, especially in the highlands.

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