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With our Sofa Safari we invite you to relax and immerse yourself for a moment in the vast plains of Africa with the impressive wildlife in wonderful nature. We have compiled selected videos of our local partners to provide you with magnificent impressions of a safari. At the same time, we introduce you to different types of accommodation in our destinations, whether this would be an authentic tented camp in style or a royal lodge with luxurious interior. See yourself, what you prefer for your very own journey.

And of course, these videos also show the values that you as a traveller create with your journey for the people in our destination countries. Because the journeys we organise for you, do not only move you, they also move a lot for the people in our destinations.

Dream of enduring beauty, timeless magic and unspoiled nature in short video sequences that shall bring the feeling of safari in Africa into your living room. And if you are ready to travel again, we look forward to hearing from you and to planning and organising your Africa journey for and with you.

Get some impressions of selected places in our destinations with the following videos:

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