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Namibia is a country filled with contrasts, where the word ‘vastness’ gains a completely new meaning. Experience the red sand dunes of the Namib Desert, the impressive moon landscape, endless expanses, striking mountain and hill formations as well as stunning safari experiences at the filled saltpans of the Etosha National Park.

Why Namibia

What to expect

Namib Desert

This desert occupies an area of about 95.000 km² and is one of the rare coastal deserts in the world, as it stretches for more than 2.000 km along the Atlantic coast. Since 2013, big parts of the desert belong to the UNESCO world heritage sites. A lot of animals and plants have adapted to the aridity and incredible heat.


Sossusvlei is a salt and clay pan, which is surrounded by sand dunes and located in the southern part of the Namib Desert. Only in years blessed with a lot of rain, the pans get filled with water and form a lake. The surrounding orange sand dunes impress with their size and rank among the highest dunes in the world. Marvel at the highest dune here, which is 380 meters tall.


The Etosha National Park in the North of Namibia offers excellent wildlife observation. Especially in the dry season between June and November, the animals can easily be spotted flocking to the waterholes. Etosha National Park is also famous for its 4.760 km² salt pan. It is especially beautiful to see the picturesque contrast of colours when the pan is partly filled with water and a multitude of birds form the soundscape.


The city with the biggest German influence in Namibia has a lot of sights to offer, which can be traced back to the colonial history of this city with its 44.000 inhabitants. If you are looking for a contrast to the desert as well as the fascinating landscapes and animals, you can wonderfully observe and admire the inhabitants of the ocean during a boat trip, take a stroll through the shops or visit one of the cafés in this city.

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Special information

Considering the size of the country, the National Parks and attractions are often very far apart. We therefore recommend saving time with fly-in safaris in small airplanes.

Have you already been to Namibia and are looking for something new and off the beaten track? Then we recommend a journey with emphasis on the Caprivi. This tropical paradise lies in the far north of the country and shows a ‘green Namibia’. Because this area has water in abundance, you could also enjoy a scenic boat ride here to observe the wildlife.

Did you know…

there are more than 25 languages spoken in Namibia? The 7 official languages, apart from English and Afrikaans, are Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, Nama, Damara and German. Furthermore there are plenty of other African languages or dialects which are spoken by different cultural tribes. One of the most widely spoken languages is Afrikaans, which is also common in other Southern African countries. This language has its origins from Dutch, which is why Germans can usually understand it a little bit.

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Insider’s Tip

For a special experience of Namibia I recommend a privately guided tour, travelling through this impressive country in a comfortable Q7 accompanied by a highly professional local guide. In this way you receive first hand information, see a lot of the country and its people and at the same time enjoy a flexible, comfortable and safe transport. Should you feel the desire to enjoy a good Espresso in the midst of this beautiful landscape, then that could also be arranged with this mode of travel.


Namibia is the perfect country to combine with other countries in Southern African. Should you wish to combine the desert experience with lifestyle, culinary delights and selected wines, a subsequent stay in Cape Town and the surrounding Winelands lends itself perfectly.

We gladly send you our latest tour samples for inspiration to discuss your individual expectations and are looking forward to being your professional partner for the organisation of your travel arrangement to Africa.


Official Name:

Republic of Namibia


1 Namibia Dollar (NAD) = 100 Cents; NAD ist gleichwertig zum ZAR



Total land surface:

824.292 km² (World rank 33), thereof 22% forests, 64% pasture land


West-East: 1.450 km, North-South: 1.300 km


1,695 million

Official Language:


Largest Cities:

Windhoek (125.000), Swakopmund (15.500), Rundu (15.000), Rehoboth (15.000), Keetmanshoop (14.000)


The climate is significantly shaped by the influence of the trade winds and is mostly hot and dry. The average yearly rainfall in the Namib Desert is about 51 millimetres. In the interior of the country it advances from South (152 millimetres) to North (559 millimetres). The greatest rainfalls occur in summer (October until March). On the coastline the annual average temperature is 16,7 °C and in the interior of the country it is 21,1 °C.

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