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Preserving Safari Tourism to Africa

for Conservation and Communities

The vibrant nature as well as magnificent African scenery is the wealth of this continent. Therefore the vision of sustainable tourism plays an important role in the selection of our tailormade programmes. This includes the protection and development of natural and cultural heritage in Africa.

Lodges and camps built of local materials and in harmony with their environment come closer to this objective – also today where the tourism in Africa is omnipresent. We like to select accommodation that is being managed in accordance with their environment. Water purification systems, solar panels, environmentally friendly safaris as well as wildlife conservation programmes are just some of the quality characteristics of an eco-friendly managed property.

Another aspect of sustainability, which has a very high priority for us, is to improve the quality of life of local communities. Whereever possible, we cooperate with partners and accommodation, who have created jobs for local people and where local people also work under fair conditions. These properties and service providers often co-operate with the local communities, purchase local and regional products to uplift the regional economy and often get involved in the building and support of local schools and clinics.

Therefore you too, with every journey you book through us, make an indirect contribution to improving the living conditions in Africa.

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